4.     Government and Local Government Account:

Any Government Authority or Institution

Every Wing of Government Authority and Local Authority shall make arrangement for the proper administration of their financial affairs and shall ensure that one of their officers has the responsibility for the administration of those affairs. Officers deal with these financial affairs through opening of a Bank Account.


Papers required:

Certified copy of the ‘Statute’ or certified copy of other Laws/Regulations by which the body is created and governed.

A letter of request for opening bank account.

Copy of Resolution authorizing an officer to open and operate bank account – to be passed by local authority.

Bank’s all internal papers duly filled in & signed.

Two Passport size photographs of each signatory duly attested.

Copy of Passport of each signatory, if available, or Certificate from Commissioner/Chairman or letter of introduction by a person acceptable to the Bank.

Operation & Features:

Account to be opened and operated as per official capacity, subject to permission from competent authority.

Operation of account in contravention of the ‘Statute’ will not be allowed.

Name, style and nature of account must be stated in the ‘Statute’ or ‘Resolution’.

Cash transaction should be done cautiously. Pre advice should be taken in case of cheque drawings.

In case of changing authorized officer or office bearer, new authorizing letter issued by competent authority to be obtained.